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Here is the step-by-step plan I used to get this beautiful Beaverton home from Just Listed to Pending in only 3 days – 43 days faster than the market average.

I hope you find this information just as valuable as my private clients do. Because whenever they stick to the plan by leveraging my years of experience selling homes in the Portland area, they get great results at the end of the road.

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So let’s get to what you came for: the exact blueprint I used to sell this home in just 3 days, for more than the asking price, beating the average market time for similar homes by 43 days and the average sales-to-list price ratio by more than 5%.

First, we engaged in an in-depth needs analysis to create a specific buyer profile of the buyer who would most likely be interested in a home like this. What type of buyer matches best with the specific features of this home? What amenities are important to them? Is there anything about the home that can be improved to better appeal to and target that buyer, so that the profiling match is as strong as possible? We then used that profile to drive every marketing decision, with the primary goal of driving as much buyer traffic to the home as possible.

Then we performed an in-depth market analysis to determine a reasonable list price. Here’s a secret: reading the market is nearly just as much an art as it is a science. In other words, it takes a keen and experienced eye to be able to read the data correctly and know where the home’s value is likely to land relative to what similar homes have sold for. In other words, it isn’t always easy to forecast what exactly buyers are going to be willing to pay for a home.

As part of the analysis, we determined that getting the best possible price would require some preparation of the home prior to going on the market. For this home, we determined that new carpets, new interior paint and professional home staging would net the best results in terms of sales price and return on investment.

We won’t say how much our client spent in order to protect confidentiality, but we can say this: the client saw a 120-160% return on that investment when you compare the likely sales price without the improvements with the actual sales price after improvements.

Once the home was prepared and ready for market, we hired the best media team in the Portland area to work their multimedia magic: professional high definition photos, cinematic video tour and an immersive 3D walkthrough tour.

Check out the photos, video and 3D tour we produced:

We also created a website just for the home, to showcase all of its special features.

Once the multimedia had been produced, we then set our pre-launch plan into motion: pre-marketing to area brokers to begin pre-scheduling showings for the day we launched.

On launch day, we then set into place a multi-faceted marketing plan to get maximum market exposure for our client. We launched a Just Listed social media campaign that reached 7,300 people, with a total of 1,500 views of the video you see above. And that was in just 3 days! In fact, we had a buyer visit the open house who hadn’t been looking in this part of Beaverton, but she had to see the home after seeing our ad on social media.

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We also mailed hundreds of Just Listed postcards to area neighbors.

By the end of our first weekend on the market we were able to generate thousands of views of our client’s home.

All in all, the exact plan you just read about was able to drive a significant amount of traffic to the home, both online and in-person. And the result? Because we were able to drive such a high degree of demand for our client’s home through smart buyer profiling, strategic preparation of the home, eye-catching multimedia and extensive online advertising, our client received multiple offers and accepted just the offer they wanted, at the price and terms that they wanted.


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