Thank You

At The Olson Group, it's the people we work with that are the focal point of everything we do. So here's a quick note to say thank you for the opportunity to earn your business, to earn your trust and, ultimately, to work with you on the sale of your home. Selling your home can be a stressful experience, but it doesn't have to be. The agency you choose to market your home and to represent your interests is the most important decision you will make in this process. We are honored to be considered to join you in this journey .

Proposed 8-Step Marketing Plan for Your Home

As we move toward preparing your home for sale, think of us as your strategic partner on the path to positioning your home for success on the market. That path begins with our 8-step marketing plan to make your home look its absolute best and to promote it to the highest number of buyers possible. We think our clients' homes are exceptional, and we think yours is too, so we believe that the marketing used to market your home should be no less exceptional as well.


pre-market preparation

We will help you determine how best to prepare your home for coming on the market, including light to full professional staging if needed.




We will present your home to buyers with only the highest quality, high definition professional photographs.




With an immersive 3D walkthrough tour we'll give buyers the ability to tour your home from their computers, smartphones or tablets before they see it in person. It's like a 24/7 virtual open house.


Luxurious Print marketing

We'll help you impress buyers with professionally designed, full color brochures and other marketing materials of your home.



Laser scanned Floor Plans

Using the same 3D camera used to produce your 3D walkthrough tour, we will create highly accurate floor plans for your home. 



Once we've created all professional media to market your home you'll have a single website dedicated to marketing your home.




We will create highly targeted social media and online marketing campaigns for increased exposure to interested buyers. Our marketing strategy is to find your buyers, not wait for them to find you.



Using our private network of local agents, we market your home directly to the busiest agents in the area. Even before your listing hits the market we start shopping your home to agents who might have buyers looking for a home just like yours.

What it Will be Like to Work with Us

Working with The Olson Group is a partnership. Here's what that partnership looks like.

During the Marketing Period

Massive Online Exposure
Your home will be displayed on hundreds of real estate websites, including Zillow, Trulia and, the industry’s most trafficked consumer real estate websites. In addition to these, your home will be listed on every brokerage website that offers consumers the ability to search for-sale listings. All in all, you can rest assured that your home will get the maximum amount of exposure possible to interested buyers.

Social Media Marketing
We advertise your home on the world’s largest social networking site, Facebook, using highly targeted advertising campaigns during the first week your home is on the market. Using Facebook’s extremely detailed profile data of its users, we pay for ads that target Facebook users who are most likely to be potential buyers of your home.

Open Houses
Forty-five percent of buyers report using open houses as an important source when looking for a home. And not only that, neighbor referrals and signs comprise 17 percent of the ways in which buyers have found the homes they bought. Open houses create a powerful avenue to create traffic, allow people to easily tour your home and ultimately increase its exposure.

Constant Communication
Throughout the entire process of selling your home we will be in constant communication with you concerning the status of important milestones, buyer and broker feedback and anything else of importance to the sale of your home. With us you can always expect that we will return your calls and emails in a timely manner.

Showing Feedback
At The Olson Group we seek feedback from every real estate broker who shows your home. Not every agent responds to our request, but when they do we will forward that feedback to you as well.

when you get an offer

Buyer Screening
Perhaps the most important part of reviewing an offer is to vet the buyer for his or her financial qualifications as well as ability and likelihood to make it through escrow and close the deal. An offer is only as good as money on the table and an exchange of keys, and we use our expertise to make sure that the person who makes an offer to purchase your home is a strong and qualified buyer.

Analyzing and Negotiating Received Offers
We use a balanced approach to negotiating offers on your behalf: to negotiate fiercely within the bounds of fairness. When you receive an offer we will sit down with you and analyze the terms and strength of the offer and help you craft a response to the offer that is in tune with your goals and interests. If you receive multiple offers, we will help you analyze each of them to determine which offer is the best one - not for us but for you.

Get the Highest Price Possible
That's what you're really here for, right? At the end of the transaction you'll have something on which you can't put a price tag: peace of mind that you didn't leave any money on the table.

under contract and in escrow

Full Service Transaction Management
Once you have accepted an offer from a qualified buyer you can expect the entire process of closing to be managed for you by us and our carefully selected escrow and title team. Typical escrows are 30-45 days, and there is too much at stake to let anything slip through the cracks during that period, which is why you will appreciate our team’s detail-oriented, full-service approach to closing your transaction.

Here are some of the things you can expect from us and our team:

  • Ensuring that the buyer receives all disclosures and documents required to be given by a seller.
  • Negotiating and advising you as to any repair or credit requests from the buyer as a result of the findings of the buyer's home inspection.
  • Recommending contractors if you have agreed to make any repairs requested by the buyer as well as assisting with scheduling and, if need be, being present for work to be done.
  • Scheduling the lender's appraisal if the buyer is financing the purchase and being prepared to defend the purchase price if there is any question as to the value of your home.
  • Constantly communicating with the buyer's lender to ensure that the buyer is on track to secure financing and close on time.
  • Ensuring that all paperwork is available and with appropriate parties.
  • Constant communication regarding the status of important milestones during escrow.

Extra Services: technology

The Olson Group uses the latest technology to ensure as much as possible a smooth, efficient and convenient sale of your home. As with all of our clients, you'll love the convenience it affords.

Electronic Signatures
For signing documents we use a service called DocuSign to generate electronic signatures that are legally valid and binding. That means you can sign important transaction documents, whether an offer or counter offer or addendum, from anywhere in the world, so long as you have access to a computer or tablet device like an iPad and an Internet connection.

Market Analysis

An in-depth study of the potential selling value of your home using a comparative sales approach.

In order to best predict the potential selling price of your home on the open market, we perform an in-depth analysis of recently sold homes that are similar to yours in size, age, location and amenities, making appropriate adjustments for differences where necessary. This analysis takes into consideration all features and finishes of your home in comparison to the homes selected for the analysis.

A comparative market analysis (CMA) generally includes three types of MLS-listed properties: (1) active properties currently on the market, (2) pending properties currently under contract for sale with a buyer and (3) sold properties.

  • Sold Properties: these are the strongest indicator of value since these tell us what buyers have been willing to pay for homes similar to yours.
  • Pending Properties: while not as helpful as sold properties since we will not know what the actual sales price is until the home closes, pending sales can be useful indicators of market value. For homes that have sold quickly (e.g., in a matter of days), we can assume that the sales price is close to or at the asking price, and in cases over asking price.
  • Active Properties: while not useful as indicators of value, since sellers can theoretically ask whatever price they wish for their homes, active properties can tell us when a property is over-priced if it has been sitting on the market with no offers, or has gone through one or more reductions in price.

Recommended List Price: $490,000

Suggested Value Range: $480,000 - $490,000


Next Steps

Here's what needs to happen next to get your home listed.... and sold!

Once you have made the decision to hire The Olson Group to list and sell your home, here is what needs to happen next to get that process started:

  • Notification to your agent to proceed
  • Agreed upon sales price
  • Target list (i.e., "live on market") date
  • Listing Agreement and related documents reviewed and signed via DocuSign (sent by your agent)
  • Final list of agreed upon "punch list" items in order to prepare your home for photographs, marketing and showings
  • Target date for photographs once the home is ready to be marketed

Thank you again for the opportunity to work with you on the sale of your home. We sincerely appreciate it and look forward to working with you.


The Olson Group